Five Stars for Jayson Munn
I was terrified about planning this wedding. We had just moved to the area and I did not know vendors as I did in Washington D.C. Jayson was way more than a floral advisor and vendor. He held my hand and helped me in every facet of the wedding planning. He could easily be a wedding planner in addition to a florist. His flowers were exquisite. He also was a brilliant go-between for me and my daughter. She had very specific ideas which I did not get. Jayson totally did and not only executed but did so in a way that was pleasing for both of us. I would hire him in a New York second to do anything that had to do with a party of flowers.-Mary Lee Pulvermann


Swallow Tail


This dashing boutonnière is finished with one of my favorite details…the swallow tail cut. The boutonnière design incorporates a favorite ornamental plant ‘Black Aldder’. It’s the burgundy-chocolate flax leaves used as ribbon.


I have a hard time remembering how old I was when I first discovered this flower in the woods. I do remember my state of wonder and amazement at the site of the forest floor dotted with hundreds of nodding white flowers. Some even pink. I immediately gathered a huge bouquet and ran home to give them to my mother. Every year afterwards I would return to the same spot in mid May to gather my mothers birthday bouquet. It wasn’t till years later I learned they were endangered. It saddened me to learn this and quickly ended my spring ritual of gathering them. Now I just return to gaze and relive that first time I stumbled upon this enchanting flower